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more magazines

but some good ones this time.

When i started my new job, I made a decision to follow cynical rob's lead, kind of, and up my magazine reading/buying.

In the last little while I've bought Modern Painters and the new Art World mag, got Poster for free, plus received another issue of my Parkett gift subscription. i thought i might give you the low-down on them 'cos they're really intriguing me.

Modern Painters, December 07/January 08
When i was a first year art school swat, creating Thelma, a short-lived college zine, I used to spend a lot of time in the DOME bookshop, overlooking Ken Unsworth's Shit On Sticks (or whatever the real name of it is), reading lots of magazines and lusting after the really expensive artbooks [and the A2 Helmut Newton book which was $350]. I swear modern painters was a thick, chunky mag back then, kind of like Artforum and Flash. Whatever, nowdays it's a B4 format, down to a manageable length, but still quite solid on the content.

This issue's top 5 highlights are:

Seven obscured(d) artists in profile (giving the Design Conspiracy kids a run for their money) including Trevor Paglen and Nicholas Hobo.
Art is the New Religion essay by Matthew Collings
Ed Park's article on Media
Diller Scofidio (+Renfro) book review (with interesting insight "+" as "more than a graphic tic", which made me think about Wieden+Kennedy)
Massimiliano Gioni and his article on the clandestine career of Gino De Dominicis

Art World February/March
This is a new Australian version of the UK art publication and quite frankly, it's the first time I've been quite so excited and almost proud of an art mag in a while. I know that it's a syndication, but between this and the new un mag, things are starting to look up.

top 5 highlights:

Germaine Greer writing on Louise Bourgeois
Tracey Emin interview with Claire Armstrong (Trace looks so awesome and relaxed, it's great)
10 Contemporary artists interviewed, including Mitch Cairns and Cao Fei.
The cover: hot chunky square serif typeface, no image, silver foil.
An almost 'international' feel to the mag and enough content to sustain me for a fortnight already.

Poster, Summer 07/08
As sponsors of the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program, I picked one up the other night at the launch. I've not seen it before, but loved this issue. Light on text, but quite direct when it was there. Imagery was quite luscious.

top 5 highlights:
Fashion shoot inspired by Joy Division and the Anton Corbijn film Control
Profile of work by Front, hot swedish all-female design studio
Su Blackwell article and folio
Review of Miranda July's No one belongs here more than you [remember that really cool promo site?]
Beauty product feature with direction by Colier, with the products shot underneath on glass, looking like their anti-gravity.

This is only a recent arrival and I haven't had too much time to check it out, but that's OK, Parkett is wonderful. Full stop. So I'm sure there will be lots more goodness to be discovered.

Top 5 highlights so far:
Ai Weiwei article by Charles Mereweather.
Discussion between Ai Weiwei and Jacqes Herzog (as artists/designers/architects for the Beijing Olympic stadium)
The fold-out cover with three nice glossy images from all three collaborating artists.
Editorial in German - I'm trying to keep my german ticking over and manageable parallel text like this is supreme.
Two covers comparison between Artforum and Frieze, both of whom featured the same Bruce Nauman cover image for their September 2007 issues during the massive Grand Tour season on Venice, Basel, Documenta, Munster.



At 27 February, 2008 14:05, Blogger john dodds said...

Good thing you're not buying the kind of magazines Rob buys!

At 27 February, 2008 14:58, Blogger Cynical Rob said...

You seem to be mixing me up with Andy. Or Billy.

And don't forget Lauren, different category of magazine every month - though you'll probably ignore my advice and wait till George suggests it :)

At 27 February, 2008 22:37, Anonymous lauren said...

Yeah John, lucky.

And rob, that's why i said follow rob's lead, 'kind of' - There are enough international art/design/architecture books from the whole world to keep me busy, so I'm not going to be buying Model Train Monthly, or whatever.

"wait 'til george suggests it?" awww, rob, are you feeling under-appreciated? or 'cos it was really george's advice i took after someone called me from singapore to suggest getting jack-in-the-boxes from ebay...

At 27 February, 2008 23:04, Blogger Age said...

I too have taken Rob's advice. It's awesome.

I also used our client contacts to get added to subs lists at publishers, which has been both a great thing for movie music and mens mags, but a nightmare for the rubbish women's mags (though my mum and sister are loving it.)

Just today I arrived at my desk to bags containing...

Womens Weekly
TV Week
Womans Day
House & Garden
and Shop Till You Drop

*rolls eyes*

I do still look through them to get an idea of what's going on though.

At 27 February, 2008 23:15, Blogger Cynical Rob said...

I love how I have seemingly managed to 'own' the idea of reading lots of weird magazines each month. Now if I could only convince Bill Gates I thought up this "windows" concept ...

And don't worry Lauren, I'm fine - in the big scheme of things I'm twice the man that George is - but only because I'm a lump and he's bordering on Kate Moss dimensions, ha!

At 28 February, 2008 11:38, Anonymous Marcus said...

Parkett is very, very good.

At 28 February, 2008 12:35, Anonymous lauren said...

age - what a great idea! i have access to some great mags at work too, just not to take home. and don't tell me you don't secretly love reading How To Tell Him You're In Love With Him and other such fabulous articles in Dolly, et al.. heh.

rob - i'm sure there are whole wards of people who wish they could convince bill gates that they thought up this 'windows' concept :) good luck with that.

marcus - isn't it just. i feel really spoilt each time i get one in the mail.

At 28 February, 2008 21:40, Blogger Age said...

Hehehe, I'm more a fan of the sealed sections... but shhhhhhhhh! ;)

At 29 February, 2008 11:36, Anonymous Marcus said...

Have you ever heard of Zone Books Lauren. If you haven't I'm about to introduce to something that could change you book buying habits:


At 29 February, 2008 11:54, Anonymous lauren said...

shit Opi, are you trying to send me broke?? change my habits alright - i think i'm about to develop a €50 per day ZoneBooks habit! :)

At 29 February, 2008 12:09, Anonymous marcus said...

I used to read Zone books when I studied. When I finished (15 years ago!) and got a job the first thing I did was to start buying them.

I only have a few, but by next week I will have a few more.

There really are lovely (tip: use amazon to buy them)

At 29 February, 2008 12:21, Anonymous lauren said...

thanks for the tip - i've got some amazon credit swinging my way soon. i was going to buy will self's psychogeography (especially after that great speechification clip), but now.. hmmm.


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