he said, she said update

even though it feels like months ago, he said she said finished yesterday and from what i've heard, went extremely well. i've already posted about how i felt about participating in it, but i thought i'd post the photos and a bit of a blurb about the works for those who didn't get a chance to get there.

the theme of the show was dialogue and i based my works on the conversations which artists with each other through their work.

white, red is a dialogue with UK artist rachel whiteread. it's a response to whiteread's work 25 spaces, which are a positive representation of the negative space of a chair. so my work is a representation of the negative space of the positive space of the negative space.

hello, daniel (the smaller scultpural work on the left) is a conversation between me and, daniel von sturmer, one of my favourite australian artists. von sturmer's work which appeared in the Field Equation show was a slow-moving white disc with a red cube. i reversed the combination as a reference not only to daniel's work, but to the regular motifs and investigations of my own work. the fire hydrant sign is a bonus for the documentation.

as you can see, both of the works were quite bold; different to other works in the show, and for a while i felt really self-conscious about it. thankfully i realised that they actually made a good balance and added diversity - thanks mostly to sarah's fantastic insight.


NP said...

Great. I love the idea of having a conversation in something other than words. I often think it's difficult to use words in reference to something that is so visual and emotional -what better way to talk about it than the medium itself.
I'm glad you added something different to the show, well played.

lauren said...

cheers NP!