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A bedtime story for Jet (who is 4)

Lauren: Once upon a time there were 4 sisters - Suzie, Julie, Annie and Tinkerbell

Jet: Tinkerbell? You mean, like the classic furry?

L: Yes, just like the classic fairy.
This is the story of How Tinkerbell Became a Fairy.

Once upon a time, there were 4 sisters - Suzie, Julie, Annie and Tinkerbell.
Every Saturday they would go to their local park for a picnic, while Mummy and Daddy had a sleep. They would have a roll with lettuce, tomato, cheese and avocado. They would also have a banana and some juice for a healthy lunch. As a treat, if they had been good, they would each have a yummy biscuit afterward that would have cream in the middle. They would open up the biscuit, lick out the cream and eat the biscuit afterwards. Yum!

Now, on this one Saturday, Tinkerbell had been especially naughty. She had fought with her sisters, not cleaned her room, she hadn't gone to sleep when Daddy had told her to and she even made her Mum cry.
Because she had been naughty, she didn't get her lunchtime treat and there were only 3 biscuits in the picnic basket. This made Tinkerbell upset because she knew she had been naughty and didn't like it. She didn't mean to hurt anyone and she felt sorry that she had been like that.

In the park, there was a children's playground, with a cubbyhouse and slide. While her sisters ate their biscuits, Tinkerbell ran to the cubby house and cried, upset that she had been so naughty. In the cubbyhouse, she saw a shiny silver coin. While she was sobbing, she cried to the coin, "i wish i could hide from everyone. i want to be small and i want to be good all the time" and then POOOFF!!.

Her sisters had finished their biscuits and went looking for their little sister Tinkerbell. They went towards the playground, but couldn't find her anywhere!

"Tinkerbell! Where are you? We still love you, come out now!", they called.

But there was nothing. They went to the slide and the cubbyhouse and saw the shiny coin sitting on the floor. And there, on the coin, was their sister, Tinkerbell, curled up tight. She was tiny!

"Tinkerbell! they gasped:"

Tinkerbell woke up from her sleep to see her sister Annie's very large face peering down at her.

"What has happened?" she asked, a little frightened.

"I don't know! I'm going to get Mum", said Annie.

Mum came back and peered into the cubbyhouse and saw the coin, on which her tiny, tiny daughter was standing. She was only about > < this big!

"Oh dear!" said Mummy. Tinkerbell told her everything that happened and wise Mummy nodded her head and said

"I think i know what has happened. That coin must be magic!" So Mummy picked up the coin, carefully and carried Tinkerbell and the coin down to the bottom of the playground, looking for something.

"Here it is!" she said. "They'll know what happened"

Mummy had taken Tinkerbell and the magic coin to the Fairy Circle. Have you ever seen a Fairy Circle before? Sometimes you'll see a bunch of flowers, all in a circle. That's a Fairy Circle, where the fairies live.

When they got there, Mummy put the coin and Tinkerbell down and sat to wait. After a few seconds, a fairy peeked out from behind the flower stem and came over to the Tinkerbell. Mummy blew here a kiss goodbye and left the fairy to explain what had happened.

"You wished on a Magic Coin, Tinkerbell!", said the fairy. "And you are becoming a fairy! Now you can join us, and you can be good all the time. You can help us do good things for people and nobody will be able to see you!"

Just as she said this, Tinkerbell's back became really itchy. She couldn't reach it to scratch and she was becoming annoyed.

"My back is really itchy and i'm scared"

"Yes, they're your special fairy wings growing, Tinkerbell. Everything will be OK", said the fairy.

Lauren: And that, Jet, is how Tinkerbell became a fairy.
And guess what i've got here, which I found on the floor near your bed..

Jet: A magic coin?!

Lauren: Yes! And if you go to sleep now, in the morning, when you wake up, it will be under your pillow, a present from Tinkerbell the fairy.



At 26 April, 2007 09:49, Anonymous Jade said...

Lauren, this is beautiful! I love fairy tales. You have a great writing style.


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