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despite struggling on the 'gainful employment' front, i've been quite prolific on the 'creative engagement' front and i wanted to just share a little bit of the excitement with you all.

red thread

the most super-exciting project that i've secured is to be an artist-in-residence-of-sorts at the research/planning agency Spinach. they have spunky offices and a rotating arts roster, all managed by their creativity director, martin, and he has invited me to do my installation from the end of july, for a week.

the work focuses on the thought process and the often messy or complex nature of that process and the development of ideas. which is also a nice little reflection on the work that spinach does. the piece is made of red wool and will thread its way along the offices of the agency, sometimes a messy knot of troubleshooting, other times a clean line of inspired thought. I'll also be installing during work hours, which will be a fantastic interaction with the people there, adding a slightly performative aspect to the work.

both spinach and i are excited about this work, and i'm keen to do more of this in other creative agencies, so look out for documentation in the future.

red letter day

hangin out in the east end yesterday, i stumbled upon a shop in which i could spend my inheritance (if i even have one!) and found some really cool enamelled copper letters. i bought 4 of them (no prizes for guessing which 4) and will be creating a relief/work on paper with them.

aye, aye babushka aye aye

last month the kaotic kraft kuties made babushka dolls and some of them came out fantastically - especially my friend sarah's. i so wanted to join them, but was in dubai at the time and swore that if i had a chance to make them, i would. well, at the afformentioned money-hoovering shop, they had a set on sale, so i'm painting them like my ova mortis works. i don't know quite where they'll end up, but it's cool to paint them anyway.

red stickers in toilets

i've been doing more red stickers (art works on sticker, stuck in public places). I'm currently focusing on toilets - giving people (actually, only ladies so far) something to look at and ponder while in the loo. It takes the work into the public, yet private and intimate domain. hopefully these end up as part of a joint show at toilet gallery a bit later in the year.

so, there you have it kids. a bit of an update of what's happening. keep an eye out for more info as these all play out, one by one.



At 26 June, 2007 07:19, Blogger The Kaiser said...

Well done on Spinach young lady. Very well done indeed.

At 26 June, 2007 11:28, Blogger lauren said...

thanks marcus :)

At 26 June, 2007 19:06, Blogger moi said...

So much exciting stuff! Well done.

At 26 June, 2007 22:45, Blogger Feltbug said...

Great news Lauren - I love these recent images too :)

At 26 June, 2007 23:22, Blogger lauren said...

thanks claire and mandy! it's always nice when others are as enthusiastic about my stuff. it makes me feel like i'm not quite so mad :)

At 27 June, 2007 00:00, Blogger Age said...

So much redness!

Hmmmm, whilst I think it would have more impact, I'm assuming by the F you didn't go for the C-Bomb with those letters and preferred the LESS offensive word!


At 27 June, 2007 00:15, Blogger lauren said...

yeah, age, i'm kind of into red, but it's probably just a phase i'm going through..he he

and with the 4-letter words? i'm not about shock and awe with my swearing. fuck is just part of my emphatic vernacular and really, fuck as a word is so much more universal, don't you think? noun, verb, easily conjugated adjective and adverb..

and then, if i create an artwork with the work cunt in it, it then brings up that whole argument of whether using it as a profanity degrades women's genitalia, etc, etc, and i can't be bothered going there 'cos that argument doesn't interest me at all!

wow - all that just on swearing! ha!

At 30 June, 2007 20:45, Blogger Jade said...

All that stuff looks awesome Lauren! At least the lack of 'gainful employment' means more time for art, eh?

Maybe you'll have to get into transvetitism so as not to deprive the weaker sex of the delights of your wonderful stickers as they answer the call of nature?! I think they would be a great enhancement to any urinal.

At 30 June, 2007 21:31, Blogger lauren said...

so what you're really trying to say jade is "grow some balls and just walk into the guys' dunnies, mate"... i know, i can read between the lines :)

maybe i will. go into the guys' loos that is, not grow some testicles. or even bother with transvestism.


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