2012, you're dumped.

2012 has been a year in which writing has actually held little solace for me. Which is weird, because until this point, you readers got everything I had.

Something was different this year. I just didn't have the oomph to bare my soul as much. And, for some reason, I found less consolation in art, theatre, dance or anything else than I have ever before. It has been almost too personal a year to really share with the world at large.

I'm sorry to those of you who read regularly - the main stayers that pop back every couple of days, hoping for a bit of vitriol, or sharp-witted art review and only found posts that were at least a few weeks' old and a little lacklustre.

But, having had the week I've just had, I've decided that I'm taking the rest of the year off (yeah, 9 days, big deal - Ed.) and will be back writing with a vengeance next year. I might even spruce the place up a little, make it a little more, well, somethin' somethin'.

Thanks to those of you who did stick around, who came back and read my stuff, maybe even went and saw a show or two, based on what I wrote, or even bought some of my works (thank you!) and I hope your year was amazing, spectacular, even just good - you totally deserved it.

All the best to you and your loved ones over these holidays.

If you're in the northern hemisphere, keep warm. If you're southside, enjoy the sunshine.

And 2012, we're through.
You were a nightmare. A beautiful one, but a nightmare nonetheless.

Fambai Zvakanaka


Ramona said...

Happy Christmas dude-2012 was hardcore for most I think. Roll on 2013 and please please write more next year - you're good at it

lauren said...

aw ramona, thanks for such a wonderful compliment! have a great end of year and bring on 2013. xx