the tankard gets cultured up

paul from life in the middle has got this world tankard safari thing happening. it's a gnarly old ceramic thing which, on its way to nigeria, has been to england, germany, paris, brazil(?) spain, china and now downtown melbourne.

i took it to the gallery the other day - i thought it might like to check out my show and see a bit of the arts scene here.

A Candystriper with a Tankard

it became an honorary candystriper for a bit.

Tankard in Residence
then i gave it a moment to ponder life, death, magic and everything in between.

afterwards we had some great coffee, took a tram to collingwood, hung out at The Gem (i didn't get pics 'cos, well, my camera's shit at night) and now it's back at home, waiting for its next destination.

i have a feeling it might be here a while (you know what backpacking tankards are like), so i'm thinking i'll take it to the park on the weekend, maybe down to see my folks on the coast. and i think i'll have to introduce it to age too - maybe for pasta in lygon st.


Age said...

I def want to meet the famous Tankard!

I'm down for whenever.

Paul Colman said...

Sorry, I'm late on this.

Where next?