having the courage of your conviction.

Donkey Kong

2008 has been a doozy of a year. i thought last year was crazy, but that was all fun and games and meeting people and seeing art, really.

this year has been a year in which i've had to learn some really hard lessons about following dreams.

in fact, following on from the last post about gaming, i feel like 2008 has been about clocking level after level of donkey kong. those barrels have just kept coming, but releasing the big guy from the cage has become more important and more important.

a couple of times i swore i was just going to roll over and be a lawyer or investment banker. well, then the financial vortex happened and i realised that maybe being an artist on the other side of the world might just be the coolest thing to do ever! ha!

This year isn't over yet, and there are still a few hurdles to jump: like trying to convince the biggest entity in the universe (not god, but close) that an idea of mine is worthwhile shifting slightly sideways for; and the next round of employment goodness (more on that later); but i did just want to say thank you to a few people who kept yelling from the sidelines (you know who you are)- i think i finally realised what conviction really means.

it's all about donkey kong and jumping barrells.


Age said...

watch out for the kooper troopers and everything will be ok.

stay on track and good luck Lauren!

lauren said...

kooper troopers!! (although i always thought they were cooper troopers, like winnie cooper from the wonder years.. pop-culture mash-up!!)

and thanks for the props..

Anonymous said...

Please don't ever bail out for banking. I sit under flourescent lighting all day, checking bloglines every 20 minutes hoping for a new post from blogs like yours.

lauren said...

oh my god anonymous, you almost broke my heart. thank you. and for god's sake, follow your heart. which, i can tell, is not in banking.