blatant self-promotion #229

next week i'm in a group show at craft victoria, called making sense.

making sense

here are the deets
thursday 30th oct - saturday 29th nov, 2008
opening night: thursday 6-8pm

lauren brown (that's me),
cherylene brearley,
ed janssen and
emma white

at craft victoria
31 flinders lane, melbourne

here's the premise
Making Sense explores the intersection between craft process and the everyday, featuring the work of artists who use hand facture to re-cast, re-scale or replicate benign objects and spaces. Why is the everyday thing, whether object, environment or articulated space, a point of departure for contemporary craft practice? Why is the concept and gesture of the 'handmade' increasingly important across a number of artistic disciplines and how is it being used to critique the nuances of everyday life?

and here's a little bit about he work i'm doing for it.
cities can be walked or cycled through as a way to experience them on a personal level. but how do we have a humanist-psychological experience about the places we're in? one of the ways which we can measure space and know it in this way is through touch - through a more craft-based, hands-on approach. once you have traversed a corner, or the north-east wall with your hands, in some way, you know the space intimately and can come to terms with it. you see it as it really is, blemishes, scuffs, bits of plaster coming off where the blu-tack holding up that poster was. this space is personal. and your place within it can be determined through your place within it - not through more stuff, more objects, more resources, more waste, more money.

would love to see you there!


Nicky Fingers said...

u should read sennet's the craftsman for you "making sense" show.

Stan Lee said...

Hate to come across like an opinionated Pom, but Cherylene has to be the most Australia name I have ever heard. Brilliant! ;-)

lauren said...

ha! i'll let her know stan... although when i think of cherylene, i think of cherylynn fenn. but then that's just me.

(text)ure and (me)aning said...

06.11.08 6:18
I wandered down the stairs today to see the show in a very dreamy mood indeed. Twas great ms.seams,
I really loved the post it notes and sticky tape, NFS alas! and what an entrance as one wades through the mementos of death into the every-day-ness of life...
I left climbing up the stairs carrying a a box with a monkey inside it for my baby niece, all up a lovely day!

lauren said...

am so glad you made it missy! and that the whole subterranean experience was a pleasurable one :)