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bounce factor [part ii]

swiped from charlie f's site
taken by charlie g

while hush puppies have trademarked ‘bounce factor’ for their shoes [stupidly, in my opinion, as their shoes, while cushy and supportive, hardly embody bounce or factor], I think bounce factor is an important element in this uber-technological age.

when I say ‘bounce factor’, I’m talking resilience to ‘wear and tear’.

in the first instance, it’s imperative in mobile phones. one of the main reasons I’m still a loyal nokia fan is that my first nokia phone not only bounced, but the way it was constructed meant that when the front, the back, the keypad and the battery splattered on the sidewalk, as it jumped out of my hand, it still worked, perfectly.

I’ve come to expect this from phones, and for anyone who saw my phone (above) in fine working order recently, without a face, keys or cover, will know what I mean. this is vi.ta.l in developing techie gadgets that we own, carry, idolise.

in current climate of preserving resources, reducing environmental impact and aiming for longevity of use (as opposed to unbiodegradable), making a phone that bounces is surely high on the list of priorities.

second instance is the ipod. my original ipod didn’t have much of a bounce factor – it’s screen cracked after a tiny bit of pressure (although I did get it replaced, only to have it stolen). however, my 1st generation ipod shuffle hand-me-down has great bounce factor. the amount of times it has fallen out of my pocket or been flung out of my pocket by my headphones getting caught is too numerous to mention. it has a great feature that if the headphones are ripped out, the track pauses (intuitive design, right there) AND last night, when I was charging it, I accidentally busted it off the side of the computer, but it didn’t break – the main body came away from the USB attachment, but with a bit of clickety clack, it was all back in and played from the original point in the song! how’s that for bounce factor!

it is these little design features that account for the everyday ‘oops’ that endear me to a product, brand, ideal. it means that I, as a human being – faults and all, am being considered during the design of a process and that’s such a nice feeling!



At 15 December, 2007 03:54, Blogger Cynical Rob said...

The best bounce factor I've just read about is yours sweets. That makes me very, very happy! Talk soon. R

At 15 December, 2007 03:55, Blogger Cynical Rob said...

I meant BOUNCE BACK ... I'm becoming like NP and Marcus, ha

At 16 December, 2007 09:42, Blogger lauren said...

thanks lovely! thanks for all your support and encouragement - you don't know quite how much it got me through. chat soon.

At 16 December, 2007 15:43, Blogger Angus said...

You sneak, you blocked comments to your Interesting video but I wanted to write and say you ROCKED. Seriously, that was entertaining, funny AND interesting, AND you looked and sounded cool. Well done.

At 16 December, 2007 19:06, Blogger Will said...

Nice one on the talk Lauren. Just watched it meeself...all I can say is I don't know if I could have done it; damn fine job.

At 17 December, 2007 03:07, Blogger Cynical Rob said...

You're a clever and talented little bitch aren't you.

And I mean that in a proud-but-not-meant-to-be-patronising kind of way!

At 17 December, 2007 03:09, Blogger Age said...

yeah what Will said!
great little chat. It's such a short amount of time to express your passion for something but I think you did awesome. You can tell you were nervous as fuck which is cool because I sure as hell would of been!!!
nice work dude!

At 17 December, 2007 11:11, Blogger lauren said...

aw, shucks. thanks guys - you're all tops.

angus - nothing gets past you, does it mate!! thanks for being just as sneaky and posting on this post :)

will - i know you, and i reckon you could easily get up and talk about stuff. in fact, i reckon you could talk about milton for 3 minutes, easy!

rob - thanks you're such a lovely bastard and stop worrying about being patronising - you're never patronising. but thanks for clarifying - my nanna reads this blog and she'd hate it if you were insulting me.

nanna - rob's being nice. it's ok.

age - what i said to will! in fact, i've actually dobbed you in for next year's interesting south (if it's going to be in melbourne) to talk about being a sneaker freaker! ha!

At 17 December, 2007 14:34, Anonymous Marcus said...

Excellent work at Interesting. Very proud of you.

At 17 December, 2007 15:43, Blogger lauren said...

thanks opi. and i you for giving up smoking. well done lovey.


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