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lessons learned

Top 10 lessons i've learned while uprooting my life and starting on a big adventure:

1. Cats' claws are sharp. Very sharp.

2. As ruthless as I've tried to be, i'm useless at throwing away artworks. I gave a few away to very good homes, but i ended up carting a whole bunch with me. Thankfully canvas can be rolled up and framed prints slide in nicely along the side of a van.

3. The Courthouse Hotel restaurant in North Melbourne is all-talk no action. I should really dedicate a whole blog about rubbishing this place, but i don't know if i've got time. Suffice to say, the place looks great, makes all the right noises on their menu, charges as it should, but is so far from being the kind of restaurant it makes itself out to be, i needed a speedometer to measure it. only one waiter has any customer service skills - the rest are in desperate need of cranial colonic irrigation.

4. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

5. Leaving a mix-tape in a hire van is a great idea! My van came with a tape already in the tape player and while we expected a bunch of tripe to come out of the speakers, we were introduced to some great music that we'll never hear again! I decided that i want to go around hiring vans/cars and leaving little mix-tapes/CDs in them and encourage people to pass them on!

6. Moving is a big deal. As i sat down with my cup of tea and suddenly burst into tears, i realised that everything is easier said than done.

7. Wireless internet is fan-fucking-tastic! Currently in the picture of modern connection right now: family kitchen table strewn with papers, diary, Banksy book, scissors, glasses case. I'm sitting with my ibook opposite my stepdad on his macbook, both connected to the net - him watching war news reel on YouTube, me writing a blog. Family bliss.

8. A cup of tea cures what ails ya.

9. Passport and visa photos will never look how i think i look. In fact my current passport contains a watermark of a photo of me that resembles Holly from Red Dwarf! When i open it, i keep expecting it to say 'Hello Dave'.

10. Wollongong is a really small town.

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At 31 March, 2007 14:40, Blogger Jade said...

glad to hear you got there safe and sound (excepting some cat scratches??)and i am pleased you did not have too much time away from blogging. I miss you already, which is a bit pathetic seeing as i saw you two days ago. Yes Wollongong is a small town and will seem all the more so in your absence!

Do you mean woman or man Holly?? I'll assume you must mean woman. The man was balding and rather unnattractive. I cannot see that you could resemble him even in a passport photo. But i guess that would be better than looking like Kryten.

At 31 March, 2007 15:08, Blogger Stan Lee said...

I had lunch with a bunch of people yesterday at Cookie.

Food's good there, but I tend to have my regular fave dishes.

The guy who set up the lunch requested a banquet type thing for us.

I was a bit stressed as some Asian foods just aren't my thing. Needn't have worried. I had six courses of top notch tucker!

Cookie is heartily recommended. As is the bookshop in the same building. And a designer friend gave the rooftop cinema the thumbs up too.

Seems it's all happening at Curtin House in Swanston St. Perhaps I'll see you there one of these days...Stan

At 02 April, 2007 00:55, Blogger lauren said...

jade - i meant man holly.. believe me, i'm as shocked as you are.

stan - sounds great. curtin house is a fantastic place.. metropolis is a kick-arse bookstore and i look forward to checking out cookie.

At 02 April, 2007 12:57, Blogger Jade said...

whoah!!! That must be a really bad shot.

Hmmm what would Lauren look like if she were a bald middle aged englishman. You'd think to get photo that bad they must do it on purpose.

You gotta show me.

At 03 April, 2007 10:59, Blogger Age said...

Sections of this post made me laugh.
When you in Melbourne?

At 04 April, 2007 00:37, Blogger Seb said...

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. So has happened here since I started my holiday. You said goodbye and came back and are now in a new city? I like that name. Wollongong. Maybe because it sounds a bit like woweewow. Ha. Somehow I remember you talked about coming to Europe somewhen? Maybe we can meet. Hm. Good night. It's 1:30 am in Germany and I should sleep now. What a dull comment...ts.

Ah. I forgot something. I don't believe in that tortured artist thing as well. What I wanted to say is that I think you have to be unsatisfied to do the best you can possibly do. And I think that you need both happiness and sadness to do brilliant work. So, you and me think the same. I think. Now: Good night.

At 04 April, 2007 01:02, Blogger lauren said...

age: happy to be of service :)
i'm spending monday on the hume, so after tuesday i will have arrived. i'll buzz ya next week for ketchup.

ah seb. i'm amused that you think wollongong is like woweewow.. you should spend some time in australia - you'll love all the place names!

it has been a bit of back and forth and will continue to be that way before i get to europe.

i arrive in london in may and have plans to go to austria for ars electronica (not until september), but seeing as you guys are kinda close, i might pop in and see you and marcus, funds permitting.

i'm glad we think the same. good night.

At 04 April, 2007 09:49, Blogger Seb said...

so you are in London from May on? I am definitely going to Russell's interesting2007-thing. are ou going as well? and maybe I am in London from July on with my partner. depends on if we find what we are looking for. but when meeting Marcus and me you should come to Hamburg, not Munich. Munich only has to offer the Oktoberfest once a year. we've got Reeperbahn the whole year. and we are at the seaside (if you read that Marcus: you still owe me a video why Munich is better than Hamburg).

and Lauren, I would love to spend some time in Australia. the only problem is that it's unbelievable expensive to go there...but one day I'll be knocking at your door in Melbourne or Wollongong or wherever and say hello.

At 04 April, 2007 12:32, Blogger lauren said...

hey seb - i've already got my ticket for Interesting 2007 and am v. excited. looking forward to meeting everyone - yourself included...


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