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ok, so i've talked a lot about love lately. and i could go into the gag-inducing details of a new love affair - kisses and romance, etc.

but today i'm going to gush over my even newer love: haught. like an erudite love-child of fitzroyalty and helen razer, jonathan has swept me off my cynical and critical intellectual feet and has me gasping with joy at his gentle caresses of cutting prose.

it all started with the repartee between him and yarra trams. including beautiful moments like this:

"If Jim Beam want to know how to make something go viral they can put aside their  incomprehensible, cacophonous clusterfuck of an ad and take a leaf out of Yarra Trams’ book"

then it escalated when i read his beautiful letter of note to jim beam. i think i fell hard.

"It doesn’t matter if the ads are annoying – as long as they’re getting people’s attention, they’re more brilliant than a peacock having sex with a bird of paradise in front of a bird of paradise (plant) on a beach on Daydream Island."

and, having read the email to disgraced wankpot, ben polis, former bigwig of energywatch, i have found myself struck - completely smitten by haught's regard for the absurd in australian public relations.

i'm already daydreaming, wistfully imagining the haught reponse to this beautiful line of fuckery from andrew demetriou (upstanding head of the AFL) and fantasising that it might be dedicated to me. like a groupie in the front row of a rapier wit gig.

"I mean they are offensive, they are ridiculous. You've only got to see them on the front page of the Herald Sun to understand how outrageously offensive they are," he said"

(um...  yes, andrew, the front page of the herald sun is the only place to see just how offensive they are)

look, i don't really want to share my new-found love, dare i sully it. but please, make a difference to your love life and read this blog.


uair01 said...

I very much liked the samples in the Jim Beam letter! I think I have made sound nr. 1 in front of the bathroom mirror sometimes. I will have to dig through my archives. Maybe I recorded it :-)

But I wonder if it will improve you love life if you do this with your partner present.

lauren said...

ha! hmm.. unlikely, but you never know. he's got an absurd sense of humour :)

haughtfeelings said...

Best. Love letter. Ever.

Thank you so very much.

lauren said...

aw shucks...