my thesis as a wordle

i graduate tomorrow. magenta hood with mortar board and master's gown.

and here's my thesis. as a wordle.


Angus said...


lucazoid said...

tasty wordle! i have followed your lead -

Ramona said...

is it weird being able to reduce all that work to a wordle? congratulations - make sure youget to do the cheesy board toss at the end!

lauren said...

thanks angus :D

lucas! your thesis wordle is beautiful! and perfect for the 'sham.

ramona - it's strangely gratifying, knowing that the crux of your research comes out very clearly in big, bold letters. and that in simplifying, i can enjoy it.

if i stay to the end of the ceremony, i'll make sure i do the cheesy mortar board toss - and picture myself as winona ryder in reality bites :D

eddy said...

Reality bites alright,
Due to a form filling incident that went horribly wrong
I still dont have my results from last year!!!!!!
nor the piece of paper..I really gotta get onto that.
oh well I got a blog out of it

You on the other hand, have a great day swooshing about in your frock

and take it and run with it I say....XXXX Well done lovely lady in Red.

Age said...

Congrats dude... you rule!! Would love to catch up with you, maybe inbetween Xmas and nye? Ben is in the USA for a wedding but let's do it ol' school... just us two. Drop me a message whenever and congrats again. You deserve it :)

Stan Lee said...

I know I'm a bit late with this, but congratulations Lauren. A seriously big achievement.

lauren said...

eddy - thanks chicken. the ceremony was, oh my god. like the back story montage out of a bad horror flick.. i wished you were there, cackling with emma and i.

age - yes. catchin' up old school is a definite plan. thanks for the wishes.

and you too stan! we never did have coffee and i think we need to once you're on hols. :D

john dodds said...