the wacky world of keywords and blog stats.

every couple of days i check out my blog counter stats, just to have a sticky beak and where people find me from. you wouldn't believe the search terms that people put in and end up coming to my blog.

i think it's fucking hilarious, but there's part of me that feels sorry for the poor fucks that open up she sees red and find a bunch of ramblings about art (mostly) instead of what google has told them they'd find.

here are some of my personal favourites:

• why is my cat's butt red
• steamy ladies
• woodstock bourbon tshirt designs
• wet ski jacket
• dogs fucking
• russian ladies of the night
• hilarious puns "Have you ever seen a" horse fly
• sexline numbers
• home saves and weapon cabinets
• UAE local chew gum brands

tell me about yours too!


gemma said...

I get a *lot* of hits for 'any dream will do', the BBC1 talent show. I'm single-handedly spreading the gospel of Planning among Andrew Lloyd Webber fans.

Helen said...

Just checked mine. I've had 'boggle master cubes' and 'why am I so neurotic'.

It was lovely to meet you yesterday!

lauren said...

gemma, that can only have a positive influence on the world - keep up the good work :)

and helen, it was lovely to meet you too! i look forward to next time..

i have wondered why i have so many references to sex.. but perhaps it's because of my 'colourful language'.. ha!

Rob @ Cynic said...

With your website coming up with those sort of 'google enquiries', it wouldn't surprise me if you are on the FBI wanted list.

Well done ... VERY proud!

lauren said...

if i knew it was that easy to get on the FBI wanted list, I would have boasted about it way earlier!

it probably isn't hindered by the fact that the likes of you and marcus hang out here sometimes too :)

sublime-ation said...

Oh! I used to love these. We should do an exhibition made up of all search terms projected onto walls, Barbara Kruger style. Only bloggers would get it, but so what.
I need to install the other site meter thingy on my blog again, it had better lists of them.
I have so many I had to do a post on them. I'll put it up tommorrow.